Girls, Rate my pictures for Tinder?

Sorry if ladies are annoyed by posts like these but you ladies can really help out here. I got rejected by a girl not too long ago and now I feel kind of awful. Now, based on one of my closest friend's suggestion, I decided to get a Tinder account to try to get a possible relationship with girls. I don't think I have the courage at the moment to try to directly ask again since it usually takes a lot out of me to try once in a while. I would like to know which picture do ladies think is my best picture? Whoops, in case you ladies can't see the link could you tell me how to solve this problem? Or you could just judge by my profile picture? Edit: I believe I have to be a level 2 XP :(


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  • Are you the guy dressed in the red plaid shirt? If yes, try grooming and dressing up like your companion who looks a bit more trendy in your profile pic. Also, striking a more confident upright posture (not slouching) can also look more attractive.

    • Thank you very much for the avice ma'am. Funnily enough I did get a haircut (and groomed) the week after this picture. Besides posture and clothes, what else could I do? What are my positives if I have any?

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    • Yeah, here it is. Also. I am from Georgia Institute of Technology. "My favorite activities are running, playing piano, writing poetry, and sustaining the environment for Engineering for a Sustainable World. Yes, I am kind of a nerd (Pokemon and Danganronpa anyone) but I am very open to new experiences. I love hiking and taking walks about the city. I have eccentric tastes in music. I won't say I am exactly skilled but I am currently learning tap and swing-dancing. If you want to hang out during the weekends in Midtown Atlanta, I can be your guy."

    • Like I said earlier, look at the styles ("techniques") of other guys who are popular, well-liked or successful on Tinder and write up your own description in a similar fashion. Make sure to eliminate anything that sounds negative and keep it honest/truthful. Project something with confidence but don't exaggerate.

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