Guys, Did he never like me? Or is he just lying so he doesn’t mess up his relationship?

i’ve been checking out this shy guy at my school for a really long time, i have been looking at him a lot, and he has noticed and has responded by looking back at me too, we always lock eyes, everytime we see eachother. I have even cought him staring at me many times and turning away superfast. It was very obvious, many times when i didn’t notice him as much he tried to get my attention. The eye locking happend everytime we saw eachother and it was always very prolonged, this thing went on for a whole year and it was

Since im also very shy one of my friends actually told him straight up that i like him. He said to her ”i have a girlfriend and i don’t want to cheat” i obviously accept this but i already have a big crush on him... so it’s not that easy to just let it go..

i actually wrote down my feelings and texted him and he responded ”you got it all wrong im not interested, so you don’t need to text me again”

I texted him back ”considering the way you’ve been acting it’s not really my fault that i’ve got it all wrong...”

I don’t know but it’s like i don’t believe that’s how he really feels considering the way he’s been acting and looking at me for so long... what do you guys think?


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