Is he crushing on me or am I being delusional?

Well it‘s been like that for years nows actually.
We go to the same school and at the beginning i caught him staring at me even my friends noticed it.
He‘s like always tired and always seems absent but I don't know everytime when i‘m near him he looks at me.
I don‘t know but i always feel his eyes on me.
When i post something he‘s always the first one to notice (on social media)
I might have a little crush on him too but i heared that he is some sort of player tho. ( i looked it up myself to )
He never approached me tho and i‘m not sure if he‘s crushing on me or I don't know playing mind games.
We‘re about to graduate tho.


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  • Sounds like a crush but if he is a player like you stated maybe he waiting for you to make the first move

    • the thing is i see him talking or approaching other girls in school but I don't know he just looks at me for a very long time and very intense.

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    • Anytime what i find in life is best not to overthink things and go into to situations confident and dont hype stuff up.

    • True. Very true.

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  • He might have crush

    • Yeah maybe but why did he never approach me?

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