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I'm a 25 year old with Borderline personality disorder and Aspergers syndrome. I live with my mother in a 1 bedroom duplex appartment converted into a 2 bedroom, there is no living room because it was converted into my bedroom. I work full time overnights at a personal care home caring for special needs adults making $11 an hour. Which averages out to about $1,300 a month. I have a great line of credit. Bills (netflix, hulu, spotify, amazon prime, and membership to YMCA) all on my $1,000 limit credit card. I don't use my credit card except for bills and in desperate emergencies. I have a $2,000 loan out that's payed down to about $1,700 currently. On average I give my mom about $400 out of my pay every 2 weeks leaving me $400 a month to pay my subscriptions and do whatever else with the money. I drive a 1999 Saturn Sc1 with about 228,427 miles on the engine. This car was given to me by my mother but she kept it in her name so I could stay on her insurance and our bill would be a lot lower. When it comes to housework. I vacuum my room, clean my room, dust my room, and take care of the cat (feeding it and litterbox) mow the lawn in spring/summer/fall, shovel the walks in the winter, and take the trash out. We take turns doing dishes and cooking. She does all our laundry together, and typically does the upkeep for the rest of the house. The rest of the time I spend gaming, ether by myself or with friends, or out on dates with a girl I am into or just out with the guys.


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  • The fact that you're 25, working full time and still live with your mother is kind of a turn-off. BPD and Aspergers really suck, but it all depends how severe they are. Your hobbies seem pretty normal to me.

    • Even tho I am financially stable help pay bills and help out maintaining the house?

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