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It’s okay for girls to criticise men about their penis size. For instance, you get really shallow opinions of women on YouTube. On street interviews.

But if it was role reversal women would be shouting at us Calling us assholes, for criticising things there is no way to change.
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  • But girls DO have to deal with that bullshut. Men have really publicly shallow opinions of bust size, for instance. And girls rarely get up in arms about how guys like bustier girls (the most common case).


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  • I have no problem with people giving their honest opinions, no matter how critical, when they're being asked for them.


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  • I mean, it's kind of an issue when your penis can't satisfy a woman. It's not like she can just clam up about it forever.

    On the other hand, it's not like every woman needs an arm sized penis. There are plenty who don't really mind at all.

  • I don't think it's a guy or a girl thing. I think it's a shallow people thing. No one who is mature and decent will criticize or shame a person about the size of a body part they have no control over. Some guys do that. Some girls do that.

  • Neither is ok. Using one group's bad behaviour to justify another's is folly.


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