How to have a girlfriend?

I'm not a loser that can't get a girlfriend or anything. A couple of girls like me now but I don't like them. I mean girls like me but I don't like them so I just leave it but I feel if I did have a girlfriend I wouldn't know what to do because I never had a girlfriend before or even had a first kiss. I feel that if I was on a date it would just be awkward because I wouldn't really know what to do. I mean I think I respect women too much sometimes. I was always raised to treat women with respect.

I'm not a hook-up not person or a casual dater. I mean I could but it's just not me. Doesn't seem too interesting to me


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  • You aren't into hook ups? I mean just 'making out' ones and not the ones where you have sex. If you are you could try that


    Let it be. The right time will come when you see a girl you like etc and want to ask her out. You can't be too sure though if the first girl you'll like will like you back though, just like you not liking those girls. What to do if you have a girlfriend? well anything.. it should just come naturally. Don't worry about stuff like that if you don't have one. No use thinking about that.

    • Yeah I'm not a hook-up not person or a casual dater.

    • Well think about the second option. If you want. Good luck

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