I don't know what to do now with this guy, I still want him. Help?

There's this guy I can't stop thinking about. We met last summer on a festival and then we went on a date some weeks after. We never met again after that one date because I was going away for the summer and when I was back in town he moved back to another city (whenever we were in town at the same time he asked me to meet but I never could because I never had time). But during that summer we texted and talked all the time and flirted. Later on the fall he moved back home but we hadn't talked since the summer and I texted him about meeting again when I was super drunk and he asked me then at 2 am about meeting now and I said no. We didn't talk since that and then he contacted me during New Years Eve and we talked for hours, some days later I texted him casually and he said that it would be nice to meet again and I was like "Yeah sounds like a nice plan". I thought he would ask me about a day but he never did and we didn't talk anymore but I would see him out in bars but I pretended like I didn't see him all the time because I'm so lame. Then in April he texted me again and we talked about the festival we met on and that we both would go again.

Now we haven't talked since and I'm seriously mad at myself for being so scared of getting rejected if I'm gonna text him again and ask to meet up. I mean he is the one who stopped contacting me even though I tried to contact him in the beginning but then eventually stopped because I felt like it was over. I still like him and I don't know what I'm gonna do.

I'm by the way 19 years old and a girl. He is 21.


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  • I would say follow your heart. But what i THINK you should do is go for it one more time... One. Contact him and ask and this time be serious and determined. After that dont try again because its wastinf time, y'all coming in and out of each other life occasionally.

    And by the way people change in time so if he has changed dont be surprised

    • Thanks for your help, you are right!! I really wanna contact him but as you said, just once and for the last time. But I just don't know what to say..

    • Ask him how has he been. Start off with a normal convo Just to kind of see if he still has feelings there

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