My best friend is giving me mixed signals. I need help. I feel depressed. What should I do?

So, I have a crush on this guy who is 37 years old. I'm 18. I met him on Facebook. He lives with his parents. So... he knows I have a crush on him for months. Anyways, he's been giving me mix signals. Sometimes he calls me baby, sweetie, hun, and babe. We used to sext in the beginning and he used to flirt. He said he wants to be single and he's not ready for a relationship. He finds me pretty but he won't date me in the future. He won't meet me. He doesn't help... all he says he is sorry. He never Skypes me anymore. Gaming is more important to him. He thinks it's better to be friends and he wants to me a supportive friend. I feel depressed and my heart is broken. I care about him deeply and I want to keep him as a friend. He did snapped on me last week though and I am hurt by it.


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  • I don't think you'll be happy or have much alone time with a man who is 37 years old and still living with his parents.


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