Do guys eventually end up really respecting and loving the side chick once she gets the main chick position?

Like before his old girlfriend knew about her he kept her secret but after she found out the slot was open for her to become his official girlfriend. Once that happens, does he start to feel differently about her and regret keeping her a secret? Or does he still not respect her?


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  • No, I don't think guys like that respect anyone. Especially an easy side chick who doesn't respect herself.

    There is a saying " Once a man marries ( or gets with) his mistress, he creates a vacancy"

    It's highly doubtful she was the only other woman he was sleeping with.

    • I never thought of that before. I do agree that he doesn’t respect anyone but to some extent he respected his main girl a little bit more than his side girl because If he didn’t he wouldn’t have attempted to hide it from her and keep the other woman a secret. He just doesn’t respect or love her enough.

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    • But for the side, even if he does end up dating her i feel like he’s cheating because he really doesn’t care for her too much. There was really no love for her to begin with and usually they only end up dating them because his girl left him and why not use her as a fallback for the time being. I mean I think that’s how it goes.

    • Cheating because "Curiosity killed the cat" a pathetic excuse. If he's going to cheat just because he can, he'll keep cheating. Like I said, side chicks are easy to him. They come and go, and she won't have been the only one.

      A woman who sleeps with another woman's man is showing a complete lack of respect towards his girlfriend and their relationship. Why would anyone who does that expect to be respected herself? Why is she so deserving of what she thought his girlfriend wasn't?

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  • Side chick is just getting used for her ass, she will never be more than that.

    • What if she gets the chance to become his official girlfriend because his old girlfriend broke up with him because she found out about her.

    • She will never be anything to him, he doesn't respect her.

    • The thing is, his girlfriend broke up with him. It wasn't his choice.
      If he respected or liked this other girl as much as she wants him to, he could have left his relationship at anytime. He didn't.
      That's how much he thinks of her.

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  • Guys with side chicks don't respect anyone but themselves.

    • Not to disagree with what your saying but let me ask you this, if you have a boyfriend or had one do you think you have everything he needs? Like he has no reason to go out and cheat in order to fill in what he’s missing with you because you satisfy his every need? I mean it isn’t right but in this day and age and with a lot of us being so young and dating a lot of people are likely to have someone on the side. It’s kind of like the whole 80/20 rule. It’s alwats someone out there doing something you’re not. You’re only one person so it’s not possible that you’re doing everything they ever wanted you to do in a relationship. It’s not to say that don’t love or respect you it’s just as humans we are always looking for more.

  • The question is does she have respect for herself? Me thinks not.


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