Is he a rebound? Should I wait it out or move on too?

After splitting with my ex I recently found out she has been casually been seeing another guy. He is an old friend of hers and has always had a crush on her. I know she has kissed him before and went on a few dates as in her words "he seems like a nice guy". She mentioned him when we were together but said she could never see being with him. Now she is and I wonder if this is a rebound thing. My question is should I wait to see how long it lasts or just move on? And how long does a rebound relationship usually last?


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  • Statistics says her relationship with her new guy won't last.

    Murphy Law says that since you are hoping/waiting to see if they break up, they will last forever.

    Seriously, it's enough to know that she's moved on and is seeing someone else. The quality of her current relationship is irrelevant. Time for you to move on too. Who knows, you may find a point in your future that youtwo are back together, but don't hold your breath.


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