What would you do if you went through an old phone and think he’s a player now?

Yes I know... don’t go through phones. But I went through my bfs old phone. He got a new phone a couple months ago and I was curious about his old phone. Yes I went and looked.
We’ve been together a year and a half.

I saw old messages from an ex confessing her love saying their last kiss was in Jan of last year and that’s when him and I became official.

I saw messages from the girl (a friend) who got us together and they were talking about me and how much he wanted to see me. He said how he was going to get at me now I’m single. He sent a screenshot saying he dodged a bullet with his main girl he talks to as that night he was going to meet me and the other girl he invited but canceled last minute. He said that he invited me to this place which is pushing it as he knows girls there and our friend replied back go ahead playa.

I saw messages from girls he was talking to when him and I were started talking. Saying he’s coming over and calling them all babe and missing them.

I saw messages saying that he couldn’t be single forever and talking to all these girls so he made me his girlfriend as his friend was surprised he made us FB official.

I saw messages before we dated to a bunch of other girls.

A while ago I asked him if he was ready for something serious and he said yes. He’s getting older and is ready. I asked because he would talk about this girl he talked to and this girl he dated and tell me stories.

It made me think to myself... damn and I dating a player? Am I dating someone who is serious about us? We have a baby together but I don't know.

Him and his ex broke up as she wanted something serious and he was stubborn and selfish and he didn’t. But talked about how she was so sweet and this and that. He still will bring her up cause “she’s a nurse” and will tell me stories. They broke up 4 years ago and he hadn’t officially dated anyone since. Just talked.

I don't know what y’all think aside from the fact I looked lol


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  • I understand the past is past but it also helps shape the future. You dont have to let it get to you and act insecure but just bring it up casually, ask him what are his intentions at this moment etc.

    • Thing is... all this recent stuff there was no texts from girls or anything. It was mostly when we first started talking or before.

    • @Asker hmm... so you haven't had any problems or doubts during your relationship so far? Correct?

  • I will stop talking


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