Is it off putting to date a guy with a child he never gets to see?

So me and my ex partner had a child, we then split up and due to her and her family I never get to see my son, is it off putting still for women knowing that I'm already a dad?


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  • I would prefer a guy who still has relations with his child - because I would question the loyalty and responsibility of a parent who was willing to part with their child and I would also question their capacity to love others.

    • Ok I understand that, but if the mother made it literally impossible to even contact her to sort anything out and court was not an option then what? I was in no way willing to part with my son, I was forced out

    • That is understandable but I would not know that if I met a stranger in your situation.

  • If he was a guy who was making the effort to be a Dad to whatever level he was allowed, then that's cool. I know split-ups and custody shit can be very fucked-up and hard to fix.

    I would just be sad for him, and help him be in his kid's life as much as possible. Maybe all that can be is paying child-support faithfully.

    I knew my husband had a daughter and wasn't with the mother long before we started dating. I had met her and talked to her many times when she was a little girl. She knew who I was when her dad said he was dating me and she told him she thought I was really smart. I loved spending time with her on the weekends. Sometimes if it was the weekend and her dad was out of town for work or a gig, I would go take her out myself. I love that kid.

    I hope you get it worked out to be in your son's life. Kids need their dads.

    • I try to do everything I can, every time I have any time off I always try and sort something out with his mum however she has me blocked on all social media, calls, texts, email, everything possible. Then complains that I never make an effort

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    • Tried all of that

    • What happened? Did you end-up in court?

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