What is your opinion, is it ok?

So my parents divorced and my mom ended up marrying another man which he had a daughter and when we met we dint talked much but as time and years passed we’ve gotten to the point where we are like a perfect couple and we do everything as a team cooking going out etc.. we don’t act like a young couple all over each other we’re pretty mature whit each other literally the only thing we haven’t done is marry or date and have kids babe confessed her feelings towards me and I don’t know if it’s ok or how my parents would see it if we were to date sense she’s my step sister
She* not babe


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  • This sounds like a porn plot

    Jk jk. I mean it's based on circumstances I guess? Personally, as a parent, I would be super comfortable with that idea. Since it's still technically a sibling (step-sibling). I'm not sure what to tell you! Maybe just keep it quiet for a bit. And ask a close friend or two about it that may understand more.

    • Lol it’s apparently a dream many wish upon to have sex shit a hot step sister

      I think it’s kinda weird and kinda not to think we could have kids and our parents are married

    • It's definitely a fantasy to most. I mean, having sex with her isn't technically incest or anything. So there's that. But when it comes to marrying, having kids, dating... I think your parents would probably flip. That'd be a normal enough reaction. But I don't know the parents. And I'd worry that a relationship between you two would ruin your parents marriage. I'm not sure. That's a tricky question you got there lol

  • Do what makes you happy

    • If I’m whit her I’m happy but telling our parents terrifies me. So the thought makes me happy and sad if that makes sense lol

    • Keep it a secret! It is more exciting aniway?

    • To a certain extent , but I do plan on having kids later on in life.. can’t keep that a secret LOL

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