Do you think he has told his friends and coworkers that we got back together?

First off me and my boyfriend were together for 1 and a half years
We have introduced each other to friends
he's the first guy I've introduced to my family
And im the first girl he's introduced to his family
Even tho we both had previous relationships
And then due to a massive argument, we broke up at the end of January
But we still tried to remain friends after the break up
We still kept in touch every week and seeing each other at least once a week
So we were friends for 4 months until we confessed that we were both still in love with each other and want to make it work
So we both decided to get back together 3 weeks ago
Anyways, so obviously I told my friends that we got back together
And invited him to places with me and my friends recently
He knows them anyway
And he introduced me as his girlfriend to his new house mates

But the question is... do you think he has told his friends and coworkers that we got back together?
Because he hasn't mentioned anything about his friends knowing about us back together
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well there is no way of knowing other than just asking him.

    He introduced you to his house mates as his girlfriend and you guys decided to give it another go so why wouldn't he? I don't think he'd go out of his way to not tell them... I just don't think it's really something that you go around broadcasting tbh and it might not have come up. I wouldn't really worry about it.. I was surprised that my boyfriend had told people at work, even the kids he works with know my name lol (he works in a school).

    I do wonder though, does this really matter that much? Are you worried he's embarrassed to tell them? Did it end badly or something?

    • Nah coz we broke up 4 months ago
      But we still remained "friends" only
      After the break up he would still contact me a lot every week and he would want to hang out to places at least once a week
      And 2 weeks ago, i got fed up coz I still love him so i told him that its either he commits or Im leaving
      And then he told me he still loves me snd wants to make it work

      I know everyone from his work knows about me when we were dating coz he used to always put pictures of us on his fb and instagram
      But ever since we broke up, he deleted all his social media
      So i dont really know if he told them and his friends that we got back together or not

Most Helpful Guy

  • Unless you did something horrible, after which he'd be embarrassed to admit reconciling, he probably has.

    But I wouldn't worry about it. This kind of neuroticism was likely a catalyst in your relationship's demise the first time. Try to breathe, and to accept that he wants you. Don't read too deeply into the little things.


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  • I for one, tell some of my co-workers what's going on because they actually care about why my mode has changed or why i'm so much happier.

    With that being said, If he works in a place where he talks to you about his days in a joyous way and the people who he works with are supportive, almost certainly he feels comfortable enough there to tell some co-workers about it.

    My opinion, of course, I just love the place I work and we lean on each other as friends do not just co-workers.

  • Unless he has a Good reason for Not telling them, I am Sure He Has Mentioned it. xx

  • I don’t even think it matters.. maybe if he ever talks about a coworker ask him if he knows you have a girlfriend

  • I am not sure. Some men don´t tell other people about their relationships. Me, for example.

  • Did he tell his friends that you broke up in the first place?

  • It




  • Question is, does it really matter?

  • YES... and do you care?

    Better guesses would result if we knew what the argument was about.

  • I don't think so


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