Guys, Would you lower your standards for a hook up after a prolonged period of frustration?

The last 1.5 years of my dating has been the worst its ever been in my entire life. I'm getting older now (mid 30s) so it's more slim pickins and the attractive younger girls need to already have a thing for older guys (some do) or I have to be in the right place/right time. Given my career and hobbies I'm not partying all the time. Just don't have that big social circle anymore.

Anyway I went on a date with a 26 yr old a few months ago who had a real good personality, interesting career but only one major problem; she's about 20-30 lbs overweight. I still have a six pack (somewhat). She did the bumble angles to fool me a bit which pissed me off when I met her. But I decided to give her a nice first date. It's easy to be yourself around women you are not that physically interested in. Some good joking around/convo is also the right mindset to get my mind trained right for how to act when I meet the girl I'm very attracted to.

So after a few drinks I did kiss her. Also we hung out a second time with my buddy and his girl. That time we went a bit further, but I told myself I didn't want to touch home plate with a bigger girl. Don't want her getting too attached/hopes up and heaven forbid if I had an accident with her. So I stopped at that. We texted a few times but I never invited her to hang out again.

Anyway we started texting again today. I got rejected five times in a row in the last week, so I texted her up for the hell of it. I just asked her how's she's doing. I'm tempted to ask her for a hook up. The worst that can happen is she say's no, but if we do do it... well I don't want her to get all attached either. I can tell she had her hopes up about me. I don't like screwing people over. I've only done it sparingly in my life and it's been done plenty of times to me.



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  • If she knows what it is then it's no harm. I would tell a girl if it's just a hook up thing or not so that way she knows. I don't sugar coat thing's. If you can get past the weight issue then smash. Some thing's are hard to over look sometimes. It depends on how low you want to lower your standards. With me I wouldn't care a smash is a smash. I would let a girl know that.

    • I've fooled around 2-3 heavier girls in the last 2 years. Just breast play, finger downstairs and got a bj from one (didn't return the favor).

      Hitting home base has it's risks. But if our communication is solid then, well it's safe (r). Feel good to finish again I guess.

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    • The shittiest thing about this girl is she would be hot if she wasn't fat. Most of the extra weight comes from her drink too much and too often along with eating out. If she lived a healthier lifestyle she would much more slim.

      Anyway, it's not my place to say that. Just take what I can get I guess.

    • You have a right to your opionion. I seen girls like that. Cute face but out of shape. If they lost weight they would be super hot. I think some girls let themselves go when they don't care anymore or are comfortable being like that.

  • Don't go there man.

    • don't want to, but I've never had girls throw the fucking creep label like they have lately. Had a girl say "get the fuck away from me" when I tried to dance (without touching her) at a club. It's depressing.

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    • Actually cheaper.

      Don’t like breaking the law and there is the moral
      aspect of it. Plus a higher chance of getting an STD.

      But still...

    • Hahaha well the std thing is real but where I live it's kegal

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