Girls, The best way for a random guy to ask a girl out?

Hopefully, I get honest answers here. I understand girls can be standoff-ish if a guy approaches her and asks for her number. But rest assured I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I am not some weird freak who's going to message her a hundred times in a week.

The reason why I'm asking is that I'm tired of using online sites and dating apps like Tinder and etc, I'm not looking for a 1-night stand using stupid apps like Tinder and I'm not afraid to get rejected by girls/women. I mean big deal, if a guy who's normal and nice approaches a female, what's the worst that will happen? She has a bug-eyed look and says omggg! I can't believe he asked for my number and starts laughing amongst her friends. That doesn't bother me because I would turn around and say, "sweetheart, it takes balls to approach a random stranger solo, if you think it's easy to approach a guy you like in life". Usually, a girl would not want to approach a guy in real life, therefore, I refuse to be intimidated anymore.


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  • The best way it to be clear


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