Does it bother a guy if a girl tells them there a virgin?

ok your getting intimate and out of no where she tells you she's a virgin does that bother you guys or do you think its kool she trusts you to be her first.?


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  • I would say never just blurt it out. But if you do let a guy know you are a virgin before it is one of two things one a turn on, and two a question comes into his head of do I want to break her. so if you want your cherry popped and don't want to fell used don't tell him of tell him in conversation not right before doing it.


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  • cool*

    I wouldn't really care virgin or not.


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  • I doubt it will bother him. If anything he'll appreciate your honesty. And since you're a virgin you really need to tell him before you have sex so he knows to go slow and gentle at first.

    Good luck.

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