Is it worth explaining a situation that freaked me out to him?

I'm rather interested in this guy I met on an app and we've been trying to set up a meet but schedules and work commitments got in the way. Our availability has freed up right now, and he's been quite persistent in getting a date (asking, keeping in touch etc.)

But I had a really weird dating experience last week that honestly freaked me out and made me quite uncomfortable with the idea of meeting a stranger online. The initial phases of us trying to set up dates was when his schedule was the problem. As of recently, it's been all me.

Following that really uncomfortable experience, I'm not in the right state of mind to meet but I'd still like to keep this connection open till things. Should I be open with him and explain that negative experience? I am hoping he'd be understanding and be cool with me reaching out down the road.

Or would most guys think that's ridiculous and just write me off? We've been speaking on and off for about 7 weeks now..
  • Yes he'd likely understand there're a lot of weirdos out there and sympathise with you
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  • No it's a lost cause - he'd just think you're playing games
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  • How long have you known him?
    Where is the place that you're going to meet. How was the previous experience bad if you met in a public place? If it didn't turn out right, just knock it off.
    Hows your experience of voice chat so far with him? i dont think telling him about meeting weirdos is going to change anything. you can tell him that you are still not ready to meet yet. see how he responds to you. if he is a gentleman, he'll wait for you and treat you kindly. making and assuring you to be comfortable before meeting. hey, even for me, i'd take time to meet my girl. i try to build trust with her first. trust is important in relationships.

    • So I have known this guy for about 6 weeks now. Just been texting on and off. We’re probably just gonna do drinks somewhere. The other was at a bar too. Things only got weird after the date. I told him I didn’t feel it and was straight with him. He continued to bombard my phone and when I didn’t response, he hit me up through my work contact information by pretending to be someone else.. Sent a cryptic Friend request on fb with a profile that was clearly meant to intimidate. (The intro was a middle finger..) He also appeared at the lobby of my office building and said he’d just like to talk. It’s been really embarrassing, esp at my work places. A quick google search of me would just reveal all that info - I didn’t say much during the date

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    • ok i have met girls in real life and we met from gaming. and EVEN then she has NOT seen my picture before... can you imagine the trust she has for me. of course we met in a public place. we watched movie together, of course we went in a group. it's important to make her comfortable, we met at a mall. then later on, i even had 1 to 1 lunch with her. i have been careful to show i'm a good person, and i'm not even interested in Dating her. just wanted to be friends. it's really not good he knows where you work. do you know how old is he? are you living alone or with others / family? it's important for your safety in case he stalks you. now i dont know how to cut off the relationship. sooner or later he's going to bombard u again. for me, i'd just tell him straight and cut it off, but i'm a guy and i know how to deal with this, but you're a girl, i wish i knew how to help you more. maybe you can ask some friends or other girls here to help how to break it off

    • are you able to hide your info from the search? do let me know if u have further questions

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