What’s the deal with the friend zone?

I’ve never really friend-zoned anyone before because it never made sense to me that if you get to know someone too well that they won’t be interested in you. I’m pretty sure this has happened a few times in my life and I don’t understand the logic behind it. Do you friend-zone people? Why or why not?
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  • The problem I have with the notion of the "friendzone" is it implies one person has done something to another person just by not wanting a relationship or sex. If I meet someone and I'm attracted to them but they're not attracted to me, they haven't done anything to me. They haven't put me anywhere. They just don't want to be my partner, that's all. I'm not entitled to their love, sex, attention, or affection, and they have not done anything to me simply by not giving those things to me.

    • The way it’s been explained to me is that if I ever want to have someone be interested in me I have to make my move early on. I’ve done this before and it did result in a relationship but the relationship ended because she had problems I didn’t know about that made a healthy relationship impossible. So since I made my move early, I failed to vet and get to know the person I started a relationship with.

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