Should women leave their man for another man if he's more handsome and rich?

It's a smart investment on her part. If you can get better, you should
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  • It's not about looks or money. It's about feelings. Someone who leaves their partner for someone "better" doesn't love them.

    • But he's handsome, and has money

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    • I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this study.🤔

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  • Yes, your worth as a partner should be judged solely by your physical appearance and the balance in your checking account.

    • That's important for women

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  • You're equating looks and money as being the only measure of a person.
    If a woman is unhappy in her relationship then she should leave for that reason. Just because she meets someone new dosen't mean she should move on

  • Relationship is based upon true love , affection, and loyalty so to leave him for some money is absolutely poor deal may be the person who is rich now can be poor in future then what will you do? think about it!!!
    We should be happy in what we have...

  • Yes they should. If that women wants to be that shallow and leave just for a pot of gold then so be it. Also if she is more attracted to another guy I rather her be with him then settle with me.


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