Would there be a difference if a woman were to date either a North American man or a European raised man?

Do all men view dating/relationships the same or would there be a difference between North American men verus European men?
If you agree there would be a difference what do you feel it may be?


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  • OK, for a start, an American man would have far more in common with a British man than either would with a Frenchman or a German, and a Canadian even more so.

    Likewise a Spaniard and a Mexican would have far more in common with each other than either would with a Pole or an American.

    This is about culture, not geography.

  • Of course
    Not only that, Canadians, Americans and Mexicans are VERY different
    Europe is also made of many different countries with very different men


  • Different would be that in France people don't get married very late or not at all, they can live together, have children; live for 10, 15 years without being married and not think it's important.
    I think in France marriage is not seen as something very important to majority of people too never bring up marriage or kids talk with a French men first because he's going to freak out and think you're "being too serious in the relationship"
    French and European in general are very laid back in relationship in general I think.
    It's mostly about spending good time together rather than speak about the future or anything.


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