Why do the guys I date always try to get me to act more needy? Is neediness and clinginess really that attractive?

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  • It's nice to feel like the person you like is crazy about you. I like it too so long as it doesn't go to the point of obsession or being needy about every little thing. Just a touch of clinginess is enough

    • I've always thought clinginess was a bad thing. Few guys I've dated have been suuuuper clingy and needy and due to that also insecure, jealous and controlling. Which almost drove me crazy. It's funny that guys seem to pretty much want it. And they usually hate when I'm not and try to get me to act more needy, it's weird.

    • Well being controlling, jealous, and needy due to insecurity is being clingy taken waaaaay too far you're not wrong there. But guys also don't like being around girls that seem as though they couldn't care less if he was around or not.

  • Maybe you just seemed indifferent to them


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