Have you ever find yourself attracted to someone but didn’t know why?

I don't know why but I currently have a crush on someone who’s totally not what I expected. He doesn’t even have good looks (and I’m very picky on that)... I find this strange and he’s like 20 years older than me. Wtf? I even rejected some guy who I USED to like because I find myself so incredibly attracted to this man!!

Have you ever felt this way? Been attracted to someone who isn’t your type physically or age wise?
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  • There is this girl, i know her for about a year. Every time we talk she goes enrage on me and we fight. But its not that way that im angry afterwards even if she "used me to clean the floor". I dont know, i simply like her very much and she knows my feelings. She also rejected me several times but she also doesn't cancle the whole stuff. I think she is just that angry on me because i do a lot shit and she is worried about me. But she also doesn't get away from me. Each time when i see her pic im like "i have to message her" and some seconds later i think "she will be fucking angry on me, she allways is" 😂 but she is the same. She is chubby and thats in general not what i prefer when i think about women but in her case it doesn't matter 😂 she is very attractive to me. Looks like im unhappy in love lol

    • Hahahah omggg 😂😂 that’s so cute in some weird way 🤔

Most Helpful Girl

  • You don't really choose who you love. I know it's not there yet, but there is something about him you respond to. Go with it and see where it takes you.

    • You’re right but in this case I can’t follow my instincts. This is because the man in question is my professor! Lol

    • Wow. Ok. Well wouldn't be the first professor / student relationship.

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  • I liked this girl once and I had no idea why and it bothered me for weeks on end so I just asked her out and got rejected. Lol.

    • Lmao 🤣

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    • If only I knew at the time. Lol.

    • Awww. Well better luck next time :p lol

  • no i always know why im attracted to some1 and its cuz he's hot and has muscles

    • Wish that was always the case with me

  • Yep. It's called chemistry. Shit happens every now and then.

    • I don’t even know what I find particularly attractive about him? Lmao omg.

      How was your experience 😂😂?

    • It's a looooooooooooong ass story. Send a PM if you are really interested. It'w really not that interesting tbh.

    • Okay lmaooo I will

  • Yes
    then I realized it's a new fetish I acquired.

  • Yes. Oddly, they tend to be Jews


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