It’s been eight months and I’m not in love with him?

I’ve been with someone for eight months and we haven’t done anything sexually non the less hold each other’s hand. We go on cute little dates and joke around with each other a lot. It’s like we are best friends but in reality, we are dating also and act more like how “besties” would. He makes my heart incredibly happy. But, I also feel like we don’t physically do anything because we are inexperienced with relationships and shy.

Is it a bad sign I’m not in love with him yet? I honestly don’t think so.

We just are taking it slow and feel like there is no rush to get into things fast.

Help/ advice needed.

Thank you.
It’s been eight months and I’m not in love with him?


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  • Well for me i wasn't even thinking about getting a boyfriend at 16, I was just best of friends with him and after 2yrs we just changed to boyfriend and girlfriend, no dating. another year later and we are only a little physically but no sex. yet we think we will stay together. There is just no need to rush these things.

    • I didn’t go to him if you think that. He came to me, otherwise I would have stayed in my little bubble. We aren’t rushing things, that’s for sure. Thank you!

    • No i didn't assume anything. haha yeah its hard with the bubble, I broke it with a cheek kiss firstly then things slowly moved on, haha I use to act like "I'd been hit by a truck" as my boyfriend put it when ever he kissed me. But even now i still have a bubble but he is slowly helping me lessen it.
      Good on you not rushing things, too many people do, have a good friendship 🙃

    • I know some people would so I said it Incase. :-)
      Thank you for the advice.

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  • Your heart bumps when you are with him?, you really love him.

    Dont worry so much about having sex, just let him knows that you want mambo

    • Maybe I am, just too naive to notice it. Thank you!

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  • It's fine. Honestly, I would be surprised if you fell in love with someone you've never been physical with. (Even just holding hands and kissing.)

    • Thank you for the comment! Good to hear another females point of view!

  • So you could try getting physical with him.
    If that's not appealing or you don't think it would be of benefit, maybe you're just not a good match

    • I’m too shy to even touch him, that’s the issue I’m trying to break out of at the moment. Thank you!

  • If you're asking me, you're wasting your time on this guy

    • Hm, why’s that?

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    • Or not dragging yourself on? Like, 8 months? At that point you should rrally know the person you're dating and if you can see a future with them and if you love them.

    • I know him, he knows me. Just I can’t seem to get myself to fall for him. Thank you for the comment. I appreciate it.

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