Girls, if a guy approached you on the street, what would you find acceptable and what would just be creepy? How do you assess the situation?

I'm very curious about the female side of being approached, as a guy I imagine it can get daunting over time.

Do you make assumptions on a guys intention? If so, what atitudes make you presume one thing or another?
What are examples of a comfortable or awkward situacion?

Feel free to digress and share crazy experiences, I'm all "ears" 😂


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  • If he looks like he's trying to find something (a certain building or something) I'm happy to help. If he has a lot of friends with him I'm often very cautious and only give short answers. If a random guy just asks for my phone number I just explain I don't want to give that to him. I once had a guy trying to follow me to my house, which was really creepy. Luckily I cycle faster than he did...

  • After all those crimes published in the newspapers, I think any man pop out from a street will be a psycho :D

    • The vast majority of people out there don't want to hurt nor harm you in anyway.

      There's amazing people out there and everyone is trying to connect!
      Bad news are what sells, and so it's all that is exposed, don't let that influence you!

  • Is he hot? If he's hot, it's not creepy.

    • Hey! Thanks for the input!
      I see there's a metric there, cheeky, but understandable 😂

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