Which girl would you rather date?

Assuming these girls are equally physically attractive, based on personality and interests, who would you prefer to date?

Girl 1:
Sweet, loyal, and supportive, this girl is always willing to lend a sympathetic ear when you have troubles, and she's highly empathetic. She's an atheist, but not militant about it. She runs and goes to the gym in order to stay fit, but is not an avid athlete, and is bad at team sports. She is on the nerdy side, and has a wide range of intellectual interests, including history, science, politics, and literature, and loves reading about and discussing these kinds of things with her S. O. Her hobbies include writing poetry and satire, doing crossword puzzles, watching foreign films, and volunteering for charity. She has a witty, offbeat sense of humor, and loves making you laugh.

Girl 2: Outgoing, friendly, and super-affectionate, this girl is upbeat and is rarely seen without a smile on her face. Her Christian faith is important to her, and she's very close to her family. She has a wide range of sporty interests, including soccer, volleyball, running, and cheerleading. Her other hobbies include hiking, fashion, social media, taking pictures, singing, dancing, and doting on you. She adores you and wants the world to know it, and loves planning activities for you guys to do together.
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