Is my window closed?

Ok so I’m 26 I have never dated and now I just feel like I’m never gonna be in a relationship I also feel like sex is a privilege for good looking people and I’m not deserving of it


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  • Perhaps, but I would say that your mentality has a lot to do with it. It has a lot to do with people who can get some ass, as well. You may be ugly, short, fat, some kind of speech impediment, etc, but I mean you would be surprised how some men get around their various drawbacks. Women are not compassionate, not in the slightest, just because you're a lonely man who feels cheated or alienated from the dating scene. However, this is not the totality of who you are, or what you have to offer them. If you can make the case for your soul, if you can ignore the competition long enough to catch ones attention for long enough, a woman will extend you some somewhere down the line. Though they are not a font of it, women are the best and most generous conveyors of compassion.

    You gotta fix your game up man. Get a skill, write poetry, tell jokes, be happy around them so as to suggest their presence is a present in itself. They don't want a walking project to take on, grooming the damage tht years of loneliness has done to some man they've never known or had reason to know. I didn't date for a whole as a young adult & you know, the internet is a very discouraging place with all of the fictional identities people portray, the success they flaunt in their own exploits, & the generally hostile & collectivist attitude held to everyone from incels to fuckboys to weeaboos to bronies. The less you consult with the internet for advice on this personal advancement you need, the better. Perhaps you just don't have an ear to talk about this problem in person with, but this still isn't going to contain the solution you need.

    Whatever works, if and when it does, won't be anything you picked up from online.

    • Dude I have worked my ass off my whole life and it hasn’t gotten me anywhere with women

    • In what ways?

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  • Why not try online. It is never late, especially for guys. You have sexual experience later than girls cuz we are aways welcome if want sex. Maybe you are behind average guy for two year or so but it is not big deal. There is plenty of time in life so don't give up.

    • I have tried I get rejected harshly you have to be attractive to have sex

    • Work on yourself, lose/gain weight, do strengh training, take care of hygienne. I dunno, do stuff to maximaze apperiance. You dont have to be beautiful, you have to be confident. But first you have to convince yourself that you are fine so work on yourself.

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  • I'm 23 and I've been with 19 different girls. I'm ugly as shit and I've went deep inside of all 19. Ignite some conversations man.

  • Absolutely not.
    Stay positive and give your 100%

    The only thing worst than a 26 year old virgin is a 27 year old virgin...
    This is your year man!!!

    • Dude I’m just ready to give up on it women don’t want inexperienced guys at my age and I don’t know where to start

    • Just put yourself out there
      Every girl you would love to kiss at first sight... you should say Hi! Try to make her laugh... A LOT of girls are just waiting for this

  • You just aren't asking enough women. Go ask instead of playing a victim.


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