Things guys think sound good to say to get a date but sound cheesy pick 1?

girl an guys say sum thing thats not on the list that guys say that never lands them a date with a girl they just met in comments
  • did it hurt when you fell to eatth
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  • do you have the time of day
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  • you look like you could use a hug lucky for you im here
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  • can i take your photo cuz your perfection on earth
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  • you look like you could use a massage your luckily im a pro at this
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  • im a lie detector hold my hand an i will prove it
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  • let me buy you a drink you look like you could use 1
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this question is for both girls an guys you can do anonymous in comments just say 1 thing that dint break the ice that was said to you girls or you guys say what you said that dint break the ice to get a date
ok guess to many are shy so it will be easy to pick the mho sense 2 people commented so any 1 else want to comment a few hours i close it to mho so ferl free to comment


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  • All cheezey, but if a guy looks sincere, I'll let him make his elevator pitch.


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