Is he a good guy?

Been going with my boyfriend for over 4 months and these are things i've been noticing
-he pays for whatever we do-
-whenever he goes to the gas station with me in the car he asks if I want anything-
-holds doors open for me sometimes-
-supports me- I told him I was gonna go back vegan, and he's a huge country guy hunts and fishes and stuff. And he told me "I think you should do it"
-drives an hour, as do I we switch off on weekends-
-Includes me in future plans- always tells me"Oh I gotta take you there sometime"
-met his family and they like me-
-texts me regularly, always talks doesn't ever talk sexually to me and hasn't pressured into sex or nudes-
-is RARELY ever on his phone, always pays attention to me. Even when there's dead silence he still doesn't go on his phone.-
Now I am not saying he's perfect or anything, I am saying there's some stuff I wish he would not do (like smoke, or chew) but I like how imperfect he is so he won't expect me to be. I am trying to be the best version of myself, and getting healthy is a big one for me. But sometimes he stares at other women (not saying it's bad) he doesn't stare stare for a while it's just a quick glance cause there's half naked girls running maybe he wants them? But anyways does he seem like a long term boyfriend?


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  • yeah he's a good guy. it's normal for a guy to stare, they are visual. if he's looking for more than 5 seconds than it is a problem. a glance is okay.

  • Sounds like a keeper to me.


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