Is he interested in me for me, or is he just interested in having sex with me?

I met a guy named Aaron on an online dating site. I bluntely put on there that I am *not* looking for anything casual, any hookups or friends with benefits.

Aaron messaged me and showed complete interest right away and was pretty persisted in getting to know me. I thought he was cute and we started talking all day, on and off for a few days, before meeting in person last Sunday.

I told him from the get-go that I don't want anything casual and that if that is what he wants then I'm not interested. He told me he wants the same thing.

Anyway, when we met in person, we really it it off. We ended up talking for over two hours, even though we had finished eating. He messaged me right after the date to say he had a great time and to lock in another.

We continue to talk frequently for a couple more days, but last night he got sexual with me. He sent me a picture of his hard d*ck in his boxers, and asked me to send him a sexy one.

I ended up rejecting his advances and telling him that I'm not ready for things to be sexual yet. I told him how I've been hurt before by sleeping with somebody so soon, and that if he he likes me for me, he will have to be patient. At first, he was a little bummed out, but when I explained things, he replied, "ok :) that's fair," and then we both said goodnight.

I was a little bummed out about the convo the night before and thought maybe that was it for us and that maybe I had discovered his true intentions; but he messaged me that morning saying, "good morning :) hope you have a great day and I will bug you on my break or after work, lol."

Around 6 p. m. I hadn't heard from him yet, but as soon as I messaged him he came online and we talked for a bit, but not long.

We haven't really talked since, so I'm second-guessing things.

Do you think I should be worried he has I'll illintentions or does he seem genuinely interested? I guess since our conversation I'm a little unclear of everything.


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  • How long is 'since'?

    • Sure, but you're account only allows private messages from those you are following.

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    • Email would be better. f3RewpGR@gmail. com is a junk account that I'll find you out of.

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