Girls who are lesbian, would it bother you a lot if a straight guy asked you out, not knowing that you were lesbian?

After finding out that you're lesbian he doesn't get mad at you or "try to make you straight/bi".

There's a girl I have a crush on. She dresses very feminine, but she has a small rainbow symbol on her backpack. I am very pro-lgbt, so I wouldn't mind if she was bi or just a strong ally. But I wonder if it would be a huge embarrassment if I asked her out (once I got to know her better) and then she told me that she is only attracted to girls.
  • Yes, it would make me really uncomfortable if this happened
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  • No, it's an honest mistake. As long as he doesn't keep pushing it, it isn't a big deal.
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What Girls Said 2

  • Its fine. Im bisexual. But usually date woman. It can be an honest mistake. Now I'm not saying you would but don't. And I repeat don't ever say "I can turn you straight" or something like that. It may seem flirty cause you apparently so good you or your dick can change a girls sexuality. But that is insanely offensive and a shitty thing to say. So if she turns out to be lesbian. Don't be one of those guys who use that idiotic line.

  • I don't see why it would be a problem. I've had girls mistake me for a lesbian and ask me out and it doesn't offend me.

    If it turns out she is a lesbian she'll just be like "sorry I'm a lesbian" and that'll be the end of it


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