Guys, Why he keeps coming back just to tell me why he's over me?

I fell hard last year for a guy at school. For a few months is was great. Then he ended things because I "had too much baggage" and he had "too much on his plate". Within a few weeks he was tracking me on Snap Map, wanting to come over, hang out, etc. Sometimes I agreed and we'd hook up ocassionally. But if I said he couldn't come over, or ignored him, he'd get angry and tell me every one of my faults, how he's so glad we're over, etc. Eventually I blocked him on all social media. That lasted about a month until we ran into each other at a party one night where he apologized and we agreed to be friends again. We were both hanging out with other people, I thought it could work. After a short time he told me, very sweetly, he was still in love and wanted to get back together. He gave me time to think things over and let him prove himself but eventually I told him I couldn't do it. Now he's mad and back to telling me everything that's wrong with me, how much I've changed and he's over me. but still constantly texting or Snapping. What's up with this? I don't get it. Does he love me, does he hate me?


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  • Bc even though we act like we over it, for some reason we want make the ex feel like she lose something great or remind her like she did, sorry us guys are crazy

  • this guy is really weird

    and information u just gave is insufficient

    • I can't tell if ur being sarcastic or not? I thought I wrote way too much. What info is missing?

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    • Well thanks. So what info was I missing? You send information was insufficient?

    • basically i couldnt understand the story in general

      so if u are open for discussion in general, hit me up on pm :)

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