Am I stupid for believing in soul mates?

I've always believed in soul mates but recently i've looked back at my life and seen that there was only one girl who really caught my eyes and blew me away with how smart and beautiful she was and i thought back then that she was the one for me but i screwed that up and she ended up getting knocked up by one of the school clowns, i haven't felt that way about any girl since then i dont know if something is wrong with me or what, was she my soul mate and i let her slip by or am i just being stupid and should go out more? I used to think that if you felt a connection with someone fate would help the two out but not in my case it seems. What do you think? Am i stupid for believing in soul mates or what? Let me know please.


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  • No l don’t think you are stupid for trying to believe in an ideal relationship women do it endlessly. I do think great matches exist it’s just hard to find a good match for you most just end up picking the closest option. But soulmate would imply that the person is the perfect lock to your key which is unlikely the case for most people. As for the girl you belived was the one most likely was not. Getting knocked up that early by a clown does not really signal good judgment. That should of been your wake up call that it was just puppy love and nothing else and she was definitely not a soulmate.

    • there's more to it, i just didn't really wanna into to much details. We talked and hung out for awhile then one weekend i got into it with mt mom and went on a 3 week long pill and drinking binge and durch school tge whole tine and not talk tobanyone then when i stopped went home then back to school she was chilling with the loud "look at me" guy in class soo i figured i fucked it all up by ditching everyone for awhile, then they broke up got back together then had a kid.

    • Maybe your right and im just being stupid and still kicking myself over things i could have done diffrently but didn't mmmmhhhh who know only the universe does.

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