Is someone being a pessimist a turn off for you?

I was going out on a couple dates with this very attractive guy.

It was going good till he started telling me sad stories, called himself a failure and all of the sudden giving me too much information about his previous shyness. Needless to say I got bored with that whole conversation.

If I'm on a date and doing my introduction, the last thing I would want to talk about is my own failures and the time I got bullied long ago.
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I think that's something you say when you're already at least officially dating the person and you want them to know you better... not something you throw away in just the 3rd date.


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  • That would little shrivel my pussy into turkey jerky.

  • Hmm...

    It is a huge turn off...

    If it's one sad story to highlight a point and then we go back to living in the present (our happy date)... I can accept that... But if it goes on and on... I'm out of there...
    Alrighty... If she's very attractive... I'll sleep with her first, then I'm out of there...
    (I'm not sex crazed... I'm just challenging myself to get sexually aroused with all that sadness flowing around me...)

    Even if we're already a couple and I can't just "out of there"... I'm not very subtle... As she goes on... I'll go boo hoo... Air play a violin... Maybe even fake cry at her misfortunes...
    I call it self entertainment...
    And she'll find that I won't be asking her out again anytime soon...

  • yeah

    a big no for me

    • Exactly. All of the sudden, it changed from an interesting date to a psychological setting.

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    • I go anonymous practically all the times so I don't run into a family member or friend that might also be a user here.

    • ohhh

      cuz after very long time, I got hit up with a person who thinks like me and I would love to talk casually with...

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