Guys I need advice I don’t know if I’m broken up with the guy I’ve been dating or not?

Ok so i met this guy online in mid feb and we’ve been dating exclusively for roughly a month. I told him I don’t sleep with people until I’m exclusive with them. Since we’ve been exclusive our schedules had both been crazy and we haven’t be able to see each other much plus he hadn't deleted his online profile when I suggested him to. On Monday he freaked out I wouldn’t sleep with him yet and has a temper tantrum. He wouldn’t listen to anything I said. He called me mental fucked in the head crazy weird thinks I have some issues from past and he’s like I’m done with you don’t want to deal with you I don’t want to waste my day talking about this and kicked me out of his house. He said get the f out of my house. He had a full blown temper tantrum. A few hours later I left maybe 2-3 hours he sent this text “
Sorry for name calling earlier but im really frustrated I've been more patient and nice about this than 99% of guys would be. Like i appreciate when the girl doesn't have sex right away but its just gotten really weird now its been way too long and u seem to have some issues that i do not understand. Honestly i should have cut it off over a month ago i apologize for dragging this on. I just figured i put this much time and effort in alreafy maybe it woukd be less weird when we finally bang.


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  • Please do not date men like this. Have a little more self respect for yourself. If he is upset that you are not having sex then sex is all he wants from you. Especially if he breaks up with you for not putting out. Find someone who actually cares about you and isn't just looking to get in your pants.

    • I couldn’t write the full story. Can I message you? Accept my request

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    • Can't message on here, message me on Facebook if you'd like to chat. It's Michaela Taylor and my picture is of my daughter and I.

    • Couldn’t find you check your private message on GAG Iull see it under notifications

  • Yeah, and even if not, you should really move on.

    • The story was too long can I continue?

    • Nope not to long. But my answer is still the same.

    • Lol I meant I couldn’t post the full story on the post cause it was too long. Check our inbox I wrote the full story

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