(Age Survey) Intentional Dating: Want it or no?

Good old-fashioned intentional dating. Wine and dine, dinner and a movie, etc, but with intent, as opposed to Netflix and chill or just hanging out.

Please respond in the appropriate age bracket in the poll, and feel free to add an opinion or further details in comments!
  • Yes, I want it (Age under 21)
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  • No, I prefer Netflix and chill (Age under 21)
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  • Yes (Age 21-30)
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  • No (Age 21-30)
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  • Yes (Age over 30)
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  • No (Age over 30)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd love it, if I were dating. I don't understand the concept of seeing someone with no intention on having a relationship. If you want a booty call the do that but having a semi-relationship is just strange.


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