Kissing at the end of a first date, would it looks bad to him if I didn't kiss him?

So there is this guy I like and I plan on asking him out.

The thing is I have this thing that I get super embarrassed when I get close to people's faces. I've never kissed a guy and I've really never had a official date before.

I bet if he tries to kiss me, like I want him to but .. Well.. I like him so much that I would be mega blushing and I wouldn't be able to concentrate. If worst comes to worse, how could I end the date nicely if I can't kiss him? I don't want him feeling bad that I didn't kiss him. Help me please.


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  • If it helps, nothing you described here would be unattractive for a first kiss.

    They are supposed to be a little awkward, exciting, even terrifying. I would be more apprehensive about kissing someone for the first time who WASN'T a little nervous/excited. It shows that you really care and are into the moment. That's why couples tell stories about a first kiss later to bore their friends... ;)

    Your first kiss is going to make you a tad uneasy regardless of whether its on the first date, or the tenth. Embrace that energy and use it; don't run from it. That could send mixed signals, and get things started on a weird note.

    Just some thoughts. Best Wishes!



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  • Get over your kissing shyness. That's the first thing you need to do. It's obvious you WANT to be kissed. So why ignore it altogether? Gather up the courage and let those lips be felt.


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  • Same situation here! :D

    It's cause you're nervous, that's all. And that means

    you need to trust him to be comfortable with kissing

    and stuff.

    And it's not a bad thing not to kiss him. Some girls

    just don't kiss at the first date - allegedly that makes

    sure he'll ask you out again if he likes you and it makes

    him want you.

    Just smile and say "Sorry, I don't kiss at first date ;)"

    But look cute while saying that, otherwise he might get

    it wrong. If he asks why, "Because I just don't- It's me :)"

    I KNOOOOOW YOU WANT IIIT :D but just wait for a while.

    And put yourself in his shoes - would you mind if you

    were him? :)