I’m sad and I feel lonely and I’m disappointed in myself. And my mood just doesn’t improve... Any advice?

I’m stressed out because my grandes in school are not at where I want to be

Someone very close to me passed away and I haven’t been able to actually cry even though I want to

I injured and I won’t be able to play my sport this season and most likely have to get a surgery
(I play lacrosse btw)

I miss my boyfriend but he doesn’t seem like he wants to see me as often as I want to. I know that he loves me very much so this is very confusing

I have to make some decisions about university/college

And lastly, I feel like I don’t have friends who get me


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  • Lots of bad things; but positive things will happen, too. You can change those things; you can make different friends, you can tell your boyfriend how you feel, you can make those decisions about college. You're perfectly capable and able, you just need to believe in yourself.

    • After I posted this, something made me very happy for while. Made me feel so much better

      Thank you

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  • Sorry you are having a rough day.

    one step at a time, sometimes a few stressors hit 1 at a time and manageable and sometimes all at once.

    Be kind to yourself, it will be okay :)

    • Yeah... one step at a time...

      I will do that
      Thank you!

    • I know it's cliche' however, it's just the best way to deal with challenges.

      at the end of the day, if you can problem solve 1 aspect.. then hey, it's 1 step further. :)

  • Good times are closer that you can imagine. Just be patient ;)

    • I will 😌 Thank you

  • This ain't much advice, but you just got to remember that in a few years you'll look back and ask yourself why you stressed so much. Just calm down and tackle one thing at a time.


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