Is he being considerate or hidden agenda?

I told him I was swamped at work this week and also mentioned I got off work at almost 10pm the other day. He said he hopes we'd still get together for the date. Day of the date he suggests we 'try meeting at 9pm?' Is he being considerate or hidden agenda? E. g just looking to score

He has taken an interest in my life, not very deep but he does ask questions and seem curious. But there're times when convo is such a dud. We've been keeping in contact for about 8 weeks now, on and off basis. We set the date last Wednesday and he reached out again on Sunday to check-in on my weekend. Nice gesture but could be faked interest too
  • More likely being considerate - you told him your schedule and he's trying to pick a time that would work for you as he wants to see you
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  • He's looking to score and only score
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  • You need more info. Try going on dates when you aren't swamped. Or if you do go on this date, avoid each other's places of living.

    • We were going to meet at a bar. Does that mean it's less likely of just trying to score? We've been talking for a while now..

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    • No I meant the text conversation could be a dud at times.. We've been texting on and off for the sake of keeping in touch without having met

    • Ah. That sucks. There are plenty of things to talk about. Well try having a day off and going from there or just meet up at the bar at night but don't get drunk.

  • i don't see any indication towards either... could be a mix of both, but there isn't a enough information to make an informed guess...

  • Dont put the date anywhere where he csn "score" say its late to do anything amd would he want to go for a nice walk with you, depend on hos answer you'll know if he's faking or not


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