How do you text a breadcrumber to let them know you deserve more?

She cancelled our date last minute last night. Looked through my texts and my diary and realised this thing isn't making me happy and that she is clearly bread crumbing me...

Her last message to me was.. I'm so sorry. Will send alternative date.

I want to send her the following:

24/09/2014 - 😮 - Entry from my diary when I first met her...
Today was my Sim day and it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. I got a VF arrest secondary to hypovolaemia. It was actually good fun and I think I did ok overall. There were a few issues allocating roles and doing things rather than allowing others to help - story of my life I guess!

Went for drinks afterwards - was pretty tipsy!

Met a really cool consultant. Don’t know her name but she defo made an impression! Seemed really down to earth, friendly, and made me feel comfortable. That’s a pretty hard thing to do. She was beautiful too. Not sure if I’ll see her again... don’t know her name and... um.. don’t be stupid!!! !!!

All the bread crumbing summarised...
... busy next couple weeks... slammed for 2/3 weeks... “yes definitely”😂... can’t next week... got to take patient back to theatre... will send alternative date...

Guess I wanted my fairytale so much that I didn’t realise what was happening - fairytales sadly aren’t real!!! I’m pretty sure I DESERVE BETTER!!!


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  • So fucking move on with your life already.


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