How can you tell if she's lesbian?


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  • You honestly can’t tell for sure what someone’s sexual preference is without asking them. There are many stereotypes of LGBTQ people, but there are many people who do not fit the stereotypes.

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    • I'm in highschool now and I dated a college girl for a while but we broke up when she moved away :(
      There's not many lez girl around; at least I don't think so, let alone my type

    • Ah sorry girl, I’m sure it’s not easy to meet other girls who are out. Most people take a long time to realize who they are.
      I’d suggest going to a local Pride event so you can possibly meet other girls. When you are older, try checking out gay bars. Not sure about your school but my old high school had a LGBT club and that helped some meet new people who were openly gay.

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