Guy I was dating told me he has too many life problems (family and work) to date anyone right now, also said “who knows about the future”?

Before dismissing this guy and telling me he’s using me , I can assure you I would not have considered him if he’s that kind of person. He truly does has problems with his family from what I’ve seen, along with working two jobs to help his family pay the bills. He’s the oldest out of a few siblings and so he has to drive them often, take care of them when their parents are busy working or studying. He assured me he loves me but he is not able to be with anyone right now, that his head is not in a good place.

He mentioned that who knows about future, that maybe when we both have everything it’ll work out. In all fairness, I have a lot to accomplish in my life too. Right now I am currently on my way to graduating later than other students, getting my license, and keeping a job.

Sometimes people are not ready, especially when they’re young so I completely understand empathize with the situation. He himself has told me he still wants to be in contact, and we have been every single day for almost a month since the breakup. He still calls me everyday, texts me, snaps me.. and I’ve been okay with it, so much to the point he started questioning if I’m already seeing someone. These past few days though, I’ve been breaking down. It just hit me, and I’m confused if I should really be in contact because if one day he meets someone and he’s ready to be in a relationship again, and it’s not with me, I’m gonna feel broken. I wanna be there for him and it feels impossible cutting it off, but at the same time I’m worried about myself.

He’s also a family friend and mutual friend by the way, so I’d still see him sometimes. What should I do? I love him, but I’m scared about him moving on. Should I just keep him at arms length, or completely cut ties? I could just distance myself a bit, but what if he meets a girl one day and posts about her online? I don’t know, I’m thinking far ahead. I’m just scared of getting hurt. I don’t wanna abandon him esp after all he’s done for me...
Another reason we broke it off is because I was losing myself, not studying anymore, iust generally over analyzing our relationship and being paranoid over what he’s doing when I’m not around. He wants me to take care of myself, and I’ve gotta say, if he hasn’t broken it off I would still be in my room crying and being paranoid. Now I have a job and I’m on my way to driving and just overall being healthier. The first few times I fell off the wagon and argued with him over nothing, he was patient
But then nothing changed even after I tried because I still was not taking care of myself the way I used to, I still continued being lazy, angry, and crying a lot. Now I’m in a better a place, I thank him for looking out for me. I just really want him back, and it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen anytime soon. He just keeps saying future.


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