Why would he say he wants to hang out but cancel at the last minute? What should I say?

We live far apart. Im here visiting but I made it seem like I was visiting other people because I didn’t want there to be pressure. He kept saying he wants to see me at least a few times but he also works a lot and he free lances so his schedule changes a lot and things come up sometimes or maybe it’s a convenient excuse I really don’t know. I’m thinking he probably has a girlfriend or something but why does he keep in touch with me on almost a daily basis? We were supposed to meet up today but he said he was sorry but something came up. I haven’t replied yet. We met on a dating site and hung out before but got in a fight got once and it seems like either he met someone or he doesn’t want to see me again but wants to talk to me daily? Not really sure. Should I reply something or just stay quiet or just block him or what should I do?
He asked me if I was free other days too, so maybe his schedule changed should I give him the benefit of the doubt? And let it go?
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  • Maybe his schedule is changing all the time since you said that he works a lot and he also a freelance. Maybe he wants to see you, and well we can't control time so yeah it's your choice if you reply to him or not because if he wants to hang out with you on that day, maybe he would say sorry again and something came up.

    • I don’t know what his motives are for keeping in touch. I’m pretty fed up with him. I tried to be nice and say, “ hopefully” when he said he wanted to see me later this week. And he said it will be fun and I couldn’t resist saying “yeah it probably would be, if we ever see each other again” and he hasn’t replied. Was I too sarcastic?

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    • We didn’t end up seeing each other but he’s still texting me. So far I’ve just been ignoring him. Do you think I should bother answering him?

    • For me, I would never bother answer him. I mean he will always calls or text you that he wants to meet you but in the end he will not show up. He's just playing you.

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