If a date didn't work out..would you date their brother?

i went out with this guy recently that I was really into..we had sex...well it didn't work out between us ..now we're just friends...im registered on a dating site and started talking to this guy...nothing serious just the basic questions like what he does for work and such...well come to find out that he is the brother of the guy I went out with...i know this because the guy I had already seen sent me a message that said 'i know who your talking to keeping it all in the family lol' I had really not known as I had never before seen or met his brother...but I do think that his brother is attractive and would like to still talk to him as friends at least...is that wrong?


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  • As a general rule, for me my ex's relatives and close friends are off limits. Any exceptions to this rule (and I've never crossed that bridge before) I'd probably let my ex decide.

    I mean, if your ex is okay with your flirting with his little brother, but he gets seriously offended at the thought of you sleeping with his brother, you need to respect that. After all, you don't want to cause problems between two brothers, do you?

    Talk to your ex. If he says yeah it's okay, but his body language says no then stay away from the brother. If you can't have that sort of conversation with your ex, then stay away.

  • no its not wrong...if it was not serious between you and the brother who you recently dated then I say go for it!