Why do girls go for the wrong guys?

Girls always say. "I just want a country boy" but then you see them with the opposite kind of guy


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  • I think its cuz those good guys are so hard to come by that the few times we find them they read as creepy snake oil salesmen and its fucking scary cuz you wind up caught in your head worrying for when it goes south. Cuz if he's sooooo much sweeter there's a good chance everything about him is extreme and he's equally as severe in a violent way if he gets pissed off.

    • Wow this is incredibly incite full so in pay relationships I feel as though everything has been mature/civil is there a way to not give that negative vibe without being an ass whole

    • Be nice but be distant. Don't overdo it every day.
      Go for it with the sweetness. But don't make out into a pattern where she can count on it at certain times.
      Go on more guy nights. I don't know. Its about balance. The cute sweet stuff is important. Drowning her in it is when she'll start to get cold feet heeby jeebies

  • People like what they like. Has no man in history ever dated a girl outside of their usual spectrum? Should it be written in stone that you MUST at ALL times date someone exactly the same.

    People are free to make their own choices. And fyi, plenty of women dont have a preference for a "country boy". You are over exaggerating.

    • You're right plenty don't. But I'm assuming based on my location that most do our already most of the girls I talk with say they want a country boy but then go date the opposite and I'm not saying that none country boys are wrong in dating the go date guys that are setting for what they claim to want

    • Because people are fluid in their preferences. You can meet someone and click with them even if they are not your usual type.

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