Is it possible to find or get a relationship in gag?

I know it's not a dating app but I was just wandering like if you like the way a girl thinks but she s not flirting could I be still flirt with her?


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  • I found my boyfriend on here but I wasn't really searching for a relationship. It just happened. I feel the more you search for one the less possibility there is to find someone.

    • Yeah im actually not looking for one its just that there is this girl and the way she thinks is the way I always been looking for I don't know of i made any sense

    • If she's not flirting I think you should make yourself clear with her. I mean if you like her tell her you like her personality or sth.. And take it from there. She might not be single or even if she is she might not want a relationship. So you'll need to know her better first

    • Yeah that's exactly what I was wandering

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  • Many girls here are not looking for anything. Also, I wouldn't recommend flirting out of the blue, it's extremely annoying and obnoxious.

    • Yeah but if you find the way she thinks (more than one opinion tho) just the way you like or you wanted your panther to think would you

    • Online relationships don't work and especially not on GAG. For all you know, you could agree with someone's opinions and they can still have an awful personality. You can't possibly be attracted to a girl just through this site.

    • Yeah I see what you mean

  • You can always try, but it certainly won't work with me.

    • I try not to but I don't make any guarantees, jk

  • If she doesn't ignore or block you, sure.


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