I want to know if I'm a rebound?

So, I've been dating this girl for a little more than 3 months. I really like her and we have a really nice time together. She knows my family, we see each other every day. I spend a lot of time with her and her sister also, who also seems to like me. I treat her like a princess. Our sex life is very nice. She's very loving with me, the way she kisses me, everything, she seems to be in love with me.

The problem is that we got together right after she got out of another relationship. Like a week after. She broke up with the idiot. She was really hurt by this guy who was a complete a-hole with her. What bothers me is that I don't know if I'm a rebound or she's genuinely with me because she truly likes me.

Some stuff has happened that has made me suspicious and I don't want to completely fall for her when she's not really in love with me. Every time we have bumped into this guy she starts acting strange. She gets nervous and angry. Like say, we were going to a Taco Bell, he's there and we see him, she would tell me that she wants to go somewhere else and never tells me is because of him. It's like she hasn't gotten over him, because she still hates him. She doesn't talk to me about it, but I can see it.

Any way, I'm writing to see if you can help me look for signs and other stuff that can tell me if I'm a rebound or if she's really into me. What things would tell me or let me know that she's with me just to cope with the pain of her past failed relationship?

Thank you.


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  • yes, sorry to inform you.

    it happens, though.


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  • First of all, don't act like a little girl. This "I don't want to get in too deep and get hurt" act isn't something people do in mature relationships. If you want a relationship, you have to be open to the fact that the other person can pull the plug at any time and you may get hurt. That's what makes it worth it.

    I don't want to ruin your parade because none of us can really tell what the situation is. It's possible that she was with a jerk and likes you on a shallow level because you're what he's not. Often, these relationships don't work out because she has something deep inside her that is attracted to the "a-hole" and she will eventually seek it out and find another one. That doesn't mean that always happens, but the fact that she went from leaving a jerk to dating a nice guy in one week raises a red flag. Changing one's destructive dating patterns takes much longer than a week. How long was she with him? I can tell if a girl is a jerk or a gold digger or a mess almost immediately, as can most mature people. If she dated him for quite awhile, I doubt you're more than just something different that her conscious mind is telling her is good for her until her core desires another jerk. But I could be wrong and I don't want to judge her as she may not fit into that category.

    It does sound like she has some issues with seeing this guy. I can tell you from personal experience that things like that should not bring up those feelings. I spent a year sitting on a couch talking stuff out to get over my impulsive, angry reactions to certain situations. It sounds to me like she's insecure. She seems like she is making an effort but you just need to trust you gut and determine how much time you're willing to spend in this relationship and where you want it to go.