Describe your perfect date. And did it ever come true?

We've all been to many dates. Some good, some bad, some dangerous (yes.).
But what is your idea of a PERFECT date. Describe it.
And by incredible luck, has it ever come true?Describe your perfect date. And did it ever come true?
  • Yes, I've had my dream date come true. I lucky.
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  • No, bothersome human, it's still a drream
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  • Date?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • *first ever date*
    Go to the park
    spend a great day
    messing around at the playground
    exploring places
    and finally when we sit down
    somewhere quiet
    where no-ne can see us
    just us
    he says he really likes me
    and he wants me to be his girlfriend
    and I respond yes
    and we're happy
    then we kiss
    and then I wake up cos it's a dreammm bothersome human


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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Tbh I’m not into dates, I’d rather go their house and just chill, but I wouldn’t mind going a day out somewhere like the zoo it would be cute and fun

    • I hear you. But it's fun sometimes to dress and go for a fancy night out...

    • True but way more expensive thoooooo

    • Ha ha. Agreed. And yes, chilling at home and zoo are pretty too. Done that.

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