Girls Who will you choose to Date?

I know this is very common question asked on every site, but as this site offers free communication with the opposite gender and we can express our thoughts without getting towards the edge, i want to ask the girls whom would they give their first preference while choosing to Date
1. A guy with good personality (muscular, good looking, intellectual) with low income
2. or a guy who is super rich (decent looking, averge personality)

I don't mean to demean any gender here it is just a anthropological research, coz I have known girls who are really good in nature,, but a group of girls who are my friends where talking about the financial status of boys... So please give honest answers girls, does financial status really matter and is it a important factor in the law of attraction.
  • Guy with good personality (muscular, handsome, intellectual) but with a low income
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  • Guy who is super rich and average persoanlity
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  • More options would have been better


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