Does it seem like she’s losing or has lost interest in me?

So we had our first date last week, and then I sent her a text and organised a second date for this weekend.

We’re meant to go for a little hike then a picnic together, but she’s worried the weather is going to be a bit off. She has suggested we go to the seaside, which is a 2 hour drive away... but it feels like she’s trying to blow me off.

She said she’d be in touch tomorrow...

I don’t know, maybe I’m overthink... do you think she’s lost interest?


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  • Your overthinking she just being nice most likely she does not want to go hiking but does want to see you.

    • Well I did suggest bowling and playing pool if the weather didn’t permit us to be outside... but she just answered “We’ll see about it on Friday 😉 (winky face)”.

    • Ohh sounds promising :P you maybe getting laid tommorow XD

    • No, she said she’d get in touch tomorrow... the date, if it happens, will be Saturday.

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